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No pressure proxies, making work easy, removing the hassle.
Suitable for any kind of tasks.

Finally! The Proxies You Deserve



Large Network

Currently 2000~ proxy pool.

99% Uptime

We guarantee 99% uptime.

Fresh List

New proxy list every 30 days.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Not limited by proxy usage.


All proxies are ipv4.


Choose between http or socks.

Hundreds of users around the world have already picked Xyliase as their to-go service for reliable proxies.

All the things you need in proxies




Proxies are static, no rotations.

Complete Privacy

Strict no log policy.

Speeds up to 45mb per second.

High Speeds


Unlimited bandwidth.
No more worrying about GB usage.

Large Network

Currently 2000 datacenter proxies with an ever expanding list.

Access to http(s) and socks(5) proxy.


Key Features

You will be charged only once, you can choose to renew any time you like.

Is this recurring or one time payment?


What type of proxies are these?

These are datacenter static proxies based in Russia. The list refreshes once every 30 days.


Is there a money back guarantee?

Unfortunately due to sensitivity of product, we do not issue reimbursements under any circumstances.


No, we do not recommend our service for that purpose. The network is not large enough, and may get proxies polluted.

Does this work with Auto Registrator?


The best price for the easiest, high performance proxies.
Choose a plan to get access now.

Pricing Plans


1 Month

Large Network

High Speeds

Unlimited Bandwidth

Complete Privacy

Come back!

Get started


3 Months

Large Network


High Speeds

Unlimited Bandwidth

Complete Privacy

PayPal, Cashapp Gateway

Stop wasting time trying to find the "right proxies" and say hello to your new friend.
Our proxies are easy, high performance and suitable for any task.

Get Xyliase and forget about it.

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